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EU-China Partnership on Urbanization and Municipal Development Cooperation

On May 3rd, 2012, the then Vice Premier LI Keqiang visited Brussels, Belgium to attend the summit meeting. He signed the Joint Declaration on the EU-China Partnership on Urbanization with Durao Barroso, President of European Commission. The Declaration aims to learn from each other’s advanced experiences in the sustainable urban planning, urban infrastructure construction and mobility in order to grasp and cope with opportunities and challenges of urbanization. In accordance with the national strategic policy, ECMDC has chosen well-matched cities in Europe and China and tries to have the harmonious integration of advanced experiences from two regions.


In May, 2015, Mr. ZHANG Yi visited Spa City of Belgium and had the field investigation of all the high-quality local tourist resources. Mr. ZHANG Yi had reached the consensus with Mr. Joseph Houssa, Mayor of Spa City as for the work of promoting Spa City in China. Spa City is the famous scenic and tourist spot hidden in Aden Mountain of Belgium with numerous historical sites. The city is not only famous for its unique spa treatment, but also possesses Royal Golf Club with the world-famous Spa-Francochamp F1 Circuit nearby.


In November, 2015, Mr. ZHANG Yi paid a visit to Mr. ZHANG Guangzhi, Vice Governor of Henan Provincial Government of China. Both of them had exchanged their views on the issue of the in-depth cooperation concerning Songshan Forum, the future cooperation between EU-China Municipal Development Alliance and cities of Henan Province. Mr. ZHANG Guangzhi expected ECMDC to become the ideal platform that would facilitate the municipal development partnership between European and Chinese cities.


In November, 2015, Mr. ZHANG Yi met with Mr. JI Bingwei, Secretary of Kaifeng Municipal Committee of Communist Party of China. Both parties have reached the consensus on the in-depth cooperation as for the municipal development partnership between European cities and Kaifeng City.


In November, 2015, Mr. ZHANG Yi signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement between the Commission and Dongying City of Shandong Province, China with Mr. LI Junfeng, Vice Mayor of Dongying City.


In December, 2015, Mr. ZHANG Yi met with Mr. ZHOU Jiabin, Mayor of Guilin City of Guangxi, China. Both parties discussed on the issue of the cooperation between Guilin City and EU Member States in order to promote the sustainable development of Guilin through the platform of the Commission.