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Cultural Ecchange

ECMDC is devoted to the cultural exchange activities between EU and China. Through the close cooperation with the governments of EU Member States and the Chinese government at different levels, ECMDC has accumulated many successful cases of introducing the excellent art pieces of European artists to Chinese artists, while exploring the new pattern of facilitating Chinese culture to go global in an efficient and active way.


In May, 2015, Mr. ZHANG Yi headed the Delegation to visit Madrid, Spain and held the meeting with ACEC and Soxna Company. The three parties signed the MOU of cooperation and would jointly promote the campus football program in China.


In July, 2015, the filmWaiting for the Homing of Love was on the show. The film was jointly produced by the Commission, Jiangsu Overseas Chinese Public Welfare Foundation, Hongtong County and Linfen City of Shanxi Province.


In September, 2015, Mr. ZHANG Yi was invited to visit Shandong Federation of Literary and Art Circles and discussed with Shandong Association of Dancers as for the best road map for Shandong arts and culture to enter Europe.


In November, 2015, the Commission reached the intention of cooperation as for the holding of the international forum along with Ningbo Dongqian Lake Tourist & Holiday Resort Administrative Committee and Ningbo Huamao Group. The Commission would select the high-quality European resources of branding, designing, art education and carry out the cooperation with the concerned parties of Ningbo in order to explore the new avenue of improving the branding competitiveness, designing innovation and art education in China.


In February, 2016, the Commission successfully held EU-China Winter Sports Cooperation Symposium. The purpose of the event was to select the series of the best European winter sports resources, ranging from various projects, professional organizers, and industrial cooperation to equipment, facilities and talent training etc. to serve Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.