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Sci-Tech Cooperation

In April, 2015, Mr. ZHANG Yi visited German National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech) and met with Dr. Oliver Pfirrmann, Head of Unit Technologies of acatech and Dr. Dirk Vetter, Scientific Officer. Both parties were engaged in the discussion on the issue of carrying out cooperation. Acatech is the most prestigious academic institution in the field of engineering in Germany and the world-famous concept of Industry 4.0 is developed under the guidance of acatech.


In March, 2016, the Commission has become the strategic partner to Jinan Fruit Research Institute of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Co-operatives, the only professional research institute for the research and development of post-harvest fruit and vegetables at the national level. Both parties would carry out the cooperation as for the introduction of European advanced technologies and equipment into China and Chinese foods’entry into European market.