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Economic Cooperation

ECMDC is set on introducing the advanced European technologies and concepts into China in order to improve the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises. ECMDC aims to construct the platform that integrates the vast market of China and the advanced technologies of Europe into one entity, which will benefit the concerned parties and lay the foundation for the win-win cooperation. In the meanwhile, ECMDCactively assists Chinese enterprises in expanding their business in European market, provides necessary information andmobilizes its own resources to ensure their successful entry into Europe. ECMDC executes the management idea of integrating the capital, technologies and market into one entity. It means that ECMDC collects the actual needs of Chinese and European enterprises through its functional platform of communication and exchange; and raises the funding for the chosen projects in order to ensure the steady progress of the projects through its subsidiary companies. In this way, ECMDC guarantees the management quality of the projects from their establishment to concrete executions.


In July, 2015, the Commission officially became the Representative of EU Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM). The status of the Commission as the Representative had been publicized on the official website of OHIM. From then on, the Commission could represent OHIM to provide the intellectual property service for Chinese enterprises to register their trademarks and designs in the market of EU.


In July, 2015, the Commission had been officially authorized by La Asociación de Investigación de la IndustriaAgroalimentaria (Ainia), Spain and could provide the certification service for the Chinese companies that were to export Chinese foods, chemical products and cosmetics into European market.