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Preparatory Work for 2016 Songshan Forum


On August 19th, 2016, Chairman ZHANG Yi came to Zhengzhou, Capital of Henan Province to attend the preparatory work meeting for 2016 Songshan Forum at the invitation of the Organizing Committee of Songshan Forum. On August 20th, 2016, Mr. ZHANG Yi paid a visit to Mr. ZHANG Guangzhi, Vice Governor of Henan Provincial Government, both parties carried out the in-depth discussion as for the preparatory work for China-EU Municipal Development Forum, the derivative brand of Songshan Forum.


 Mr. ZHANG Yi and Mr. ZHANG Guangzhi (Left Two), ZHAO Baoyou (Left One), XUE Zhengqiang (Right One)


On August 19th, at the meeting with Mr. ZHAO Baoyou, Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of Songshan Forum and the working staffs, Mr. XUE Zhengqiang and Mr. ZHOU Quan, Mr. ZHANG Yi presented in details the preparatory work ECMDC has made for 2016 Songshan Forum. Mr. ZHAO Baoyou remarked that he himself had attended Sino-Italian Symposiums concerning Economic and Commercial Cooperation, and Cultural Exchange of 2015 Songshan Forum, which were organized by ECMDC. What impressed upon him greatly at that time were the strengths of ECMDC in organizing and mobilizing European social resources. He earnestly expected ECMDC to gather new European high-quality social resources for 2016 Songshan Forum.

Mr. ZHANG Yi said, under the current situation, how to introduce European high-quality technologies to Henan and deepen the reform on the supply side in Henan Province in order to enhance the competitiveness of local enterprises was just the starting point of ECMDC’s preparatory work for 2016 Songshan Forum. Therefore, ECMDC would invite European Consortium of Technology Transfer to attend the Forum and head the delegation with German entrepreneurs in the fields of recycling economic technologies, bio-medical industry and automobile manufacturing etc with a view to meeting with entrepreneurs of Henan and exploring the win-win cooperation. Mr. ZHAO Baoyou extended his gratitude to what ECMDC had done. He said, he also believed that it would be great that all those social resources gathered at Songshan Forum could settle down in Henan in the various forms of joint cooperation; thus, while Songshan Forum could perch at the height of great thinking, it could strike its roots into the ground and realize the sustainable development as well. Songshan Forum would progress from strength to strength in the spirit of “applying knowledge to practice”. Mr. ZHANG Yi seconded with Mr. ZHAO Baoyou. Both parties moved on to the details of the preparatory work.

On August 20th, Mr. ZHANG Yi paid a visit to Mr. ZHANG Guangzhi, Vice Governor of Henan. Both of them carried out the in-depth discussion and full evaluation as for China-EU Municipal Development Forum, the derivative brand of Songshan Forum along with Mr. ZHAO Baoyou and Mr. XUE Zhengqiang. Mr. ZHANG Yi firstly introduced the work ECMDC had done for the fulfillment of the set objective since 2015 Songshan Forum. He said, the concerned parties in Europe had widely acknowledged the mission of ECMDC, and many mayors of EU Member States expected to share the successful experiences concerning urban planning, construction and governance with their Chinese counterparts, and carry out the down-to-earth cooperation through the platform of ECMDC. Because of this reason, ECMDC had prepared the proposal for China-EU Municipal Development Forum.

Mr. ZHANG Guangzhi congratulated ECMDC on its achievements over the past year. He said, it was the right time for ECMDC to be engaged in the work of promoting China-EU Municipal Development Cooperation. He introduced that from December 20th to 21st, 2015, Chinese Communist Party Central Committee held the Central Urban Work Conference in Beijing (the last time it met was in 1978). The Central Urban Work Conference aimed to shift the mode of urban development on two sides, namely, “construction” and “governance”. Therefore, it would be a great work to fulfill the set objectives of the Conference and promote China-Europe cooperation on the urbanization. Mr. ZHANG Guangzhi provided the further instruction that all the concerned parties should put the framework design of China-EU Municipal Development Forum on the top priority on the basis of the full evaluation; the proposal should be polished to the full perfection in order to ensure that the Forum become the high-level forum with the authoritative guidelines and the down-to-earth action plans as well. Mr. ZHANG Guangzhi expected China-EU Municipal Development Forum to ultimately become the important platform of promoting Sino-European cooperation on the urbanization.

Mr. ZHANG Yi extended his heartfelt gratitude to the insights and wisdom of Mr. ZHANG Guangzhi, and indicated his determination that ECMDC would amplify the previous proposal in line with the guidelines set by Vice Governor. Mr. ZHANG Yi said, all the concerned parties would table the proposal with the perfect framework design to all the decision-makers for the final approval.

Mr. ZHAO Baoyou and Mr. XUE Zhengqiang also aired their opinions for the framework design of the Forum and had the hearty communication.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. ZHANG Yi took the group photo with Mr. ZHANG Guangzhi, Mr. ZHAO Baoyou and Mr. XUE Zhengqiang.


Introduction to China-EU Municipal Development Forum


China-EU Municipal Development Forum (hereinafter referred as the Forum) is the international high-level forum jointly organized by EU-China Municipal Development Commission, the Organizing Committee of Songshan Forum, and China International Culture Exchange Center.


The Forum is focused on:

 the actual needs generated out of the concrete process of Sino-European municipal development;

 Sino-European partnership on urbanization;

 the synergy between “One Belt One Road” Initiative of China and EU “Junker Investment Plan”.


The Forum aims to explore the new avenue for Sino-European Municipal Development Cooperation through the multi-lateral dialogues between management levels of cities and city builders of various circles on the equal footing.


The Forum sets its objective of gradually becoming the important component of Sino-European people-to-people communication mechanism.