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Sino-European Cooperation on Cosmetology Industry


At 10 am of September 29th, 2017, Mr. HU Zhenming, Deputy Secretary General of ECMDC and Mr. Hermann Walschebaue, Senior Advisor to ECMDC and Managing Director of the Board of European Consortium of Technology Transfer (ECTT) met with Mr. Mikhail Selyanin, President of Martinex Group (Russia) and Mr. Alexandre Pokrovsky, Former Director of UNESCO Moscow Office, and Former Expert of Natural Sciences Sector of UNESCO in the office of ECMDC in Brussels, Belgium. ECMDC and Martinex held the in-depth discussion on Sino-European cooperation on cosmetology industry, and reached the consensus. Both parties intended to jointly construct the high-level entity in order to implement the cooperation with mutual benefits.


Mr. HU Zhenming (Left Two), Mr. Hermann Walschebauer (Right One) and Mr. Mikhail Selyanin (Right Two), Mr. Alexandre Pokrovsky (Left One)


Founded in 1992, Martinex Group is a major supplier of aesthetic medicine products and equipment in Russia and Eastern Europe. Martinex emphasizes its expertise in every facet of the industry - from chemicals to consumers. Martinex believes that the complete approach is greater than the sum of its parts and that is why Martinex is involved in developing, manufacturing, selling and using its products. Toskani Laboratory, a subsidiary of Martinex Group produces a variety of injectable products (SkinasilHyalrepairHyaluform) and chemical peels (MedicControlPeel). Martinex Training Centre regularly provides basic training as well as advanced seminars for doctors around Russia. Its research centre is currently working on new applications of its patented solid-state modification technique of hyaluronic acid and last but not least, Martinex imports a variety of brands from Europe and the US to Russia, acting as the official distributor. Martinex has its own companies in Switzerland, Russia and other eastern European countries.


Mr. HU Zhenming extended his warm welcome to the visiting of Mr. Mikhail Selyanin and Mr. Alexandre Pokrovsky. He remarked, as the European NGO, ECMDC aims to provide the one-stop service to the cooperation between European enterprises and their counterparts. Owing to the recommendation of Mr. Alexandre Pokrovsky, ECMDC has the chance of undertaking Sino-European cooperation on cosmetology industry along with Martinex. Before the meeting, ECMDC has carried out the field investigation in China, and come to know that there is a great opportunity for Russian aesthetic medicine products and equipment in China’s market. In the meanwhile, many Chinese enterprises of cosmetology industry intend to open European market for their own products and equipment. Since Martinex possesses the high-quality products and the strong channel of distribution, Martinex will prove to be the ideal partner for Chinese enterprises. ECMDC has gathered the elite professionals in the fields of academic studies, investment etc. with a view to jointly constructing the platform for Sino-European cooperation on cosmetology industry along with Martinex.


Mr. Mikhail Selyanin indicated his gratitude and admiration for the preparatory work undertaken by ECMDC. He said, Russia has the strong competence of R & D, which has laid the foundation for the development of cosmetology industry. Martinex is the important member of many international authoritative professional associations, and has established the close partnership with the international colleagues in order to consistently improve its R & D capabilities. During the course of development for 25 years, Martinex possesses the complete distribution and cooperation channel in Europe. All these advantages owned by Martinex are open to Chinese partners. Martinex is looking forward to the cooperation with ECMDC and joint construction of two-way platform for Sino-European cooperation on cosmetology industry.


Mr. HU Zhenming and Mr. Selyanin had the full evaluation as for the organization structure, mission and tasks of the future cooperation entity between ECMDC and Martinex. Mr. Hermann Walschebauer and Mr. Alexandre Pokrovsky provided their professional advices as well. ECMDC and Martinex jointly defined the timetable and road map for the upcoming cooperation.