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WFI Delegation Visits Beijing Chaoyang District Committee of CPPCC


In the capacity of Chairman of the Board of Trustees of World Film Institute (WFI), Mr. ZHANG Yi and Mr. Antonio Gellini, Founder and Chairman of WFI met with Mr. CHEN Tao, Chairman of Beijing Chaoyang District Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) on the morning of September 18th, 2017. Both parties held the in-depth discussion as for the issue of forging the synergy between WFI and Chaoyang District in the aspects of film industry, cultural and creative industry in order to pave the road for the people-to-people bond within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. Both parties also evaluated the feasibility of establishing the regional operation entity of WFI in Chaoyang District and the road map of promoting the development of cultural and creative industry of Chaoyang District through the joint efforts. Ms. WANG Yuhua, Secretary General of Chaoyang District Committee of CPPCC also attended the meeting.


Mr. ZHANG Yi, and Mr. CHEN Tao (Middle) and Mr. Antonio Gellini


Mr. CHEN Tao extended his warm welcome to the visiting of WFI Delegation, and congratulated Mr. ZHANG Yi on his new post as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of WFI. Mr. CHEN remarked, Chaoyang District attaches great importance to the development of cultural and creative industry and has attracted various high-quality resources at home and abroad to settle down. Film is the core of the cultural and creative industry, which is also the important carrier for the people-to-people bond activities within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. Henceforth, Chaoyang District is looking forward to the close partnership with WFI in order to make the joint efforts of promoting the internationalized development of the film industry, the cultural and creative industry.


Mr. Antonio Gellini expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Mr. CHEN Tao. He introduced the history and mission of WFI. Founded in 1995 in U.S., WFI is a non-profit organization focused on the advancement of international film cooperation, and aims to strengthen the mutual understandings and friendships between peoples in the world through film and entertainment products, which are beyond the barriers of different cultures, races and nationalities. In the meanwhile, WFI provides the high-end technical supports and training programs in order to facilitate the international film industry cooperation. Mr. Gellini remarked, WFI attaches the importance to the cooperation with China, and has the great honor to invite Mr. ZHANG Yi to assume the post of Chairman of the Board of Trustees, who stands ready to work with WFI to construct the new platform that facilitates the exchange and cooperation between Chinese film professionals and their foreign counterparts.


Mr. ZHANG Yi said, as the Committee Member of Beijing Chaoyang District Committee of CPPCC, he feels obligated to care for the development of Chaoyang District. Since Chaoyang District is committed to the efforts of fostering the development of cultural and creative industry, he, the newly appointed Chairman of the Board of Trustees of WFI will channel various high-quality resources assembled by WFI to settle down in Chaoyang in a systematic way, which will surely boost the progress of film industry, cultural and creative industry of Chaoyang. After the evaluation, WFI intends to establish the regional operation entity in Chaoyang District in order to create the operational mechanism with the sustainable development, and ensure the steady progress of all the related works.


Mr. CHEN Tao remarked, Chaoyang District welcomes WFI to establish the operation entity in Chaoyang, and the concerned authorities will give the related support. Chaoyang District and WFI can jointly set up the international people-to-people exchange platform through the cooperation in the aspects of the exchange of film products and talent cultivation etc. Mr. ZHANG Yi expressed his gratitude to the great support from Chaoyang District, and said, the detailed proposal concerning the future operation entity of WFI will be submitted to the decision-making authorities of Chaoyang District with a view to quacking the tempo of cooperation between WFI and Chaoyang District.


Both parties carried out the discussion as for the details of the future cooperation, and reached a series of consensus.