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WFI Delegation Visits Beijing Chaoyang District Government


In the capacity of Chairman of the Board of Trustees of World Film Institute (WFI), Mr. ZHANG Yi and Mr. Antonio Gellini, Founder and Chairman of WFI met with Mr. SUN Qijun, Managing Deputy Governor of Beijing Chaoyang District Government on the afternoon of September 18th, 2017. Both parties held the discussion as for the in-depth cooperation between WFI and Chaoyang District. Senior officials of Chaoyang District Government attended the meeting as well.


Mr. ZHANG Yi and Mr. SUN Qijun (Left Three), Mr. Antonio Gellini


Mr. SUN Qijun extended his warm welcome to WFI Delegation. He said, Chaoyang District is the window for the international exchange of Beijing, even China. Owing to the recommendation of Mr. ZHANG Yi, WFI comes to Chaoyang District to seek the cooperation, and aims to construct the cooperation and exchange platform for film professionals of Chaoyang and their foreign counterparts. Chaoyang District Government will facilitate the cooperation with mutual benefits in a down-to-earth method. He also congratulated Mr. ZHANG Yi on his new post of Chairman of the Board of Trustees of WFI with the history of 22 years.


Mr. Antonio Gellini expressed his gratitude to the warm reception from Mr. SUN Qijun. He reported the meeting with Mr. CHEN Tao, Chairman of Beijing Chaoyang District Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference on that morning. Mr. Gellini admired the devotion of senior officials of Chaoyang District to the development of film industry, cultural and creative industry. He said, as a professional association founded in U.S., WFI intends to assemble various high-quality resources, and makes its own contribution to the development the film industry of Chaoyang District in line with the actual demands.


Mr. ZHANG Yi said, since his assumption of Chairman of the Board of Trustees, he is actively planning to foster the synergy between WFI and Chaoyang District. On the basis of the field investigation in Chaoyang, he deemed it necessary to establish the regional operation entity of WFI in Chaoyang District, and introduce the international high-quality resources of film industry, cultural and creative industry into Chaoyang in a systematic way. Mr. ZHANG Yi said, he will keep the close communication with the concerned authorities of Chaoyang District in order to jointly ensure the steady progress of the establishment of operation entity.


Mr. SUN Qijun listened intently to the detailed presentation concerning the structure and mission of the future regional operation entity of WFI. He said, Chaoyang District Government welcomes the setup of the international platform and will give the related support. Mr. ZHANG Yi remarked, he will work with WFI colleagues to ensure the implementation of the related cooperation, and quicken the tempo of international cooperation of film industry of Chaoyang District.


Both parties held the full discussion as for the related details of future cooperation, and reached a series of consensus.