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Sino-German Cooperation on Science-Technology Innovation


On September 28th, 2017, Mr. HU Zhenming, Deputy Secretary General of ECMDC and Mr. Henrich Guntermann, Senior Advisor to ECMDC, CEO of European Consortium of Technology Transfer (ECTT) were invited to Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and met with Dr. Thomas Becks, Head of Technology and Innovation Sector of VDE and Ms. Isinay Kemmler, Founder and CEO of Global Success Club. The concerned parties held the in-depth discussion as for the down-to-earth promotion of Sino-German cooperation on science-technology innovation, and reached the consensus of cooperation.


Mr. HU Zhenming (Right One), Mr. Henrich Guntermann (Left One) and Dr. Thomas Becks (Left Two), Ms. Isinay Kemmler (Right Two) 

VDE is one of the largest technical and scientific associations in Europe with 36,000 members (including 1,300 companies). VDE embraces science, standardization work and product testing and certification under one roof. VDE is involved in technical knowledge transfers, research, and promoting young talents in the key technologies of electrical engineering, electronics and information technology and their applications. Global Success Club (GSC) is a professional company dedicated to promoting the cooperation on science-technology innovation between Germany and other countries. GSC has successfully held the series of high-level innovation meetings including Turkish-German Innovation Summit and Strategic Investment Summit: USA.


Mr. HU Zhenming made the detailed introduction to the current situation of China in the aspect of science-technology innovation. He said, the Chinese government is determined to turn China to be the innovation-oriented country, and has mobilized the social resources to promote “Mass Innovation, Mass Entrepreneurship” in China. In line with the concerned guiding principle, the local governments of China have put the policy of promoting the international cooperation on technological innovation on the top of the list of tasks. For example, Beijing aims to become National Science-Technology Innovation Center, while Shanghai and other major cities have formulated the specific policies to attract the concerned prestigious international organizations to settle down and boost the competence of innovation in their own regions. As the European NGO, ECMDC is facilitating the cooperation between European parties and their Chinese counterparts in the aspect of science-technology innovation, and has successful cases in Europe and China as well.


Dr. Thomas Becks introduced VDE to the friends of ECMDC. He said, VDE is the leading association of engineers in the world, and is committed to the cause of bettering the world with advanced technological solution in a sustainable way. The focus of VDE is on the green energy, mobility, and smart cities etc, of which the concerned technologies will shape the course of humanity. VDE is consistently attaching the importance to the innovation, and has developed a whole intellectual system to guarantee the integration of innovative ideas into down-to-earth solution plan. VDE is willing to share the technological know-how with Chinese partners, and is open to the cooperation that can enhance social welfare of the concerned countries.


Mr. Henrich Guntermann made the introduction to his personal experiences of promoting Sino-German cooperation on science-technology innovation. He said, as the experienced international entrepreneur of the medical and healthcare industry, he himself is fully aware of the challenges with which the international partners are confronted. To find the reliable and capable partner is the basis of the successful cooperation. In the past years, ECTT and ECMDC have successfully promoted the cooperation between German and Chinese partners. The successful cases are listed as two-way cooperation including the successful application of German technologies and products in China, and the joint efforts of establishing the innovation hub with the powerful Chinese companies in Germany. Mr. Guntermann said, ECMDC has a strong networking in China; to work with ECMDC is to check the opportunity of turning the willingness into reality.


Ms. Isinay Kemmler remarked, as the professional company, Global Success Club aims to create the platform for Germany and other countries in the aspect of science-technology innovation cooperation through various activities including the holding of high-level forums, which have been recognized widely. Since China has made the remarkable progress in the science-technology innovation, Global Success Club is willing to strengthen the cooperation with ECMDC, and jointly construct the two-way platform for the cooperation on science-technology innovation between Germany and China.


At this productive meeting, the concerned parties reached the consensus of cooperation, and jointly discussed the timetable and road map for the upcoming cooperation.