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Sino-British Cooperation on Film Industry


On October 10th, 2017, Mr. Matt Brown, Head of Ventures of British Film Institute (BFI) was invited to meet with Mr. ZHANG Yi, Chairman of ECMDC and Mr. HU Zhenming, Deputy Secretary General at Beijing Liaison Office of ECMDC. Both parties had the frank and in-depth discussion concerning Sino-British cooperation on film industry, and indicated their willingness to undertake the cooperation along the whole business chain of the film industry through the implementation of concrete projects in the aspects of talent cultivation, distribution channel and special activities. Both parties intended to introduce the high-quality resources of film industry in U.K. into China, while opening the new channels for Chinese film products to enter British and European markets.


Mr. ZHANG Yi and Mr. Matt Brown


Mr. ZHANG Yi made the detailed introduction to ECMDC. As an European NGO, ECMDC is dedicated to the lofty cause of facilitating people-to-people communication and economic cooperation between Europe and China, and has made the remarkable achievements with successful cases. ECMDC attaches the importance to the development of film industry, which is not only the channel of fostering the mutual understanding between peoples with different cultural backgrounds, but also the vanguard of cultural creative industry with the increasingly commercial value. ECMDC has established the wide networking in China including Film Bureau of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of P. R. China, China Central Television, national associations of film and television and famous film and television studios etc. ECMDC has become the strategic partner of many important cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou etc. ECMDC possesses the professional team and partners to implement the international cooperation on film industry. Mr. ZHANG Yi, Chairman of ECMDC is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of World Film Institute. ECMDC is willing to undertake the in-depth cooperation with BFI.


Mr. Matt Brown elaborated on the introduction to British Film Institute (BFI) as well. BFI was established in London in 1933 in accordance with Royal Charter, and is a film and charitable organization which promotes and preserves filmmaking and television in U.K. BFI maintains the world’s largest film archive, namely the BFI National Archive and runs the BFI Southbank and London IMAX cinemas. BFI has established the BFI Film Academy to offer a range of education initiatives. BFI also runs the annual London Film Festival, which is the famous event in the world. BFI is also engaged in other activities including publication and the BFI Film and TV Database etc. As the leading professional organization in the film industry, BFI is looking forward to establishing the close partnership with reliable and capable partners including ECMDC to maximize the value of BFI in China.


The Meeting

    Both parties evaluated the concrete cooperation projects concerning talent cultivation, distribution channels and special activities, and reached the consensus. Both parties will jointly formulate the road map and timetable for the follow-up, and be determined to introduce the high-quality resources of British film industry into China, while opening more channels for Chinese film products to enter British and European markets