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ECMDC Delegation Visits Helmholtz Science Park in Leipzig


On October 23, 2017, a delegation led by Chairman Zhang Yi of ECMDC visited the Environmental Research Center, the Biomass Energy Research Center, and the Distributed Sewage Treatment Education, Training And Demonstration Center in the Helmholtz Science Park in Leipzig, and studied and evaluated potential technical cooperation and coordination between German and China in related fields, accompanied by Mr. Michael Schimansky, Director of the Office for Economic Development of Leipzig Municipal Government, and Ms. Gabriele Goldfuss, Director of the Office for International Cooperation of the city. Members of the delegation also included Mr. Henrich Guntermann, Senior Consultant of ECMDC and President of European Consortium for Technology Transfer (ECTT),  Mr. Hermann Walschebauer, Senior Consultant of ECMDC and Executive Director of ECTT, Mr. Ingo Hanschmann, Contact Person of ECTT in Leipzig, Mr. Zhang Lianfeng, Chief Representative of Shandong's Economic and Trade Office in German, and Mr. Qin Nan, Representative of Shandong.


Work coordination meeting


At the work meeting, Mr. Roland Arno Muller, Director and Professor of the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, Holger Weiss, Director and Professor of the Center of Groundwater Restoration, Mr. Daniela Thran, Director and Professor of the Center of Biomass Energy Research, Shao Haibing, Associate Professor of the Office for Environmental Informatics Research explained possibilities of cooperation in fields of soil remediation, sewage treatment and other relevant fields. During the ensuing interaction, Chairman Zhang Yi pointed out that the Helmholtz Association, as a leading organization in Germany and the world, has brought together outstanding scientists and technicians, and produced a large number of world-class scientific research achievements. Given the fact that China is vigorously promoting environmental improvement and working to protect green hills and clear waters, the advanced technology from the Helmholtz Association is bound to play a critical role in China, and ECMDC is interested in actively promoting relevant technical cooperation between German and China. Mr. Roland Arno Muller said that he himself and the scientists of the centers are willing to contribute to China's environmental protection and scientific research, and also look forward to seeing realization of the association’s achievements and benefit the people's livelihood in China.



Field visit


After the work meeting, Chairman Zhang Yi and his delegation visited the facilities and displays in the park.