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ECMDC Delegation Visits Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology


At 9 O’clock on the morning of October 24, 2017, a delegation led by Chairman Zhang Yi of ECMDC arrived at the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology, accompanied by Mr. Michael Schimansky, Director of the Office for Economic Development of Leipzig Municipal Government. They were here to participate in the work meeting on cooperation of scientific and technical innovation between German and China to be coordinated by Mr. Frank Emmrich, Executive Director of the institute. Members of the delegation also included Mr. Henrich Guntermann, Senior Consultant of ECMDC and President of European Consortium for Technology Transfer (ECTT), Mr. Hermann Walschebauer, Senior Consultant of ECMDC and Executive Director of ECTT, Mr. Ingo Hanschmann, Contact Person of ECTT in Leipzig, Mr. Zhang Lianfeng, Chief Representative of Shandong's Economic and Trade Office in German, and Mr. Qin Nan, Representative of Shandong.

Work coordination meeting

Chairman Zhangyi and Mr. Frank Emmrich


Mr. Frank Emmrich warmly welcomed the delegation from ECMDC. He shared the history of the Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research, and the foundation of the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology. He pointed out that as a world class scientific research institution, the Fraunhofer Society has actively explored cooperation with Chinese partners, willing to find the best solutions by leveraging the latest and most advanced scientific research results and technology.


Chairman Zhang Yi thanked Mr. Frank Emmrich for his considerate arrangements. He pointed out that China-German scientific and technological cooperation is an important part of the bilateral cooperation. As a world powerhouse of science and technology, Germany has excellent scientists and researchers, and first-class research institutes like Fraunhofer Society. Through the field visit, ECMDC has learned that many Chinese enterprises are willing to establish cooperation with German research institutions, and enhance their own innovation capabilities through joint research and development, and work together to solve the world's challenging issues. In view of this, ECMD has carried out promotion on multiple levels in China, introduced the advantages of the Fraunhofer Institute to Chinese enterprises and science and technology parks as well as the support policy of the Leipzig municipal government for cooperation programs, and received positive responses. This visit just marks the beginning of the full cooperation between ECMDC and the Fraunhofer Society. ECMDC and Fraunhofer Society will discuss the best practices of cooperation, work together to create a two-way platform combining scientific and technological cooperation, training and market development, which would allow more enterprises to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with the Fraunhofer Society, and apply more technology from the Fraunhofer Society in China.


In the ensuing coordination meeting, Mr. Kurt Rohrig, Deputy Director of  Fraunhofer Research Institute for Wind Power and Energy Systems and Technology  shared details about R&D and achievements of smart micro grid technology; Mr. Steffen Preissler, Director of Fraunhofer Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer, shared market research programs for clean technology; Ms. Ursula Schliessmann, Director of the Department of Environment Biological Technology and Biological Treatment of Fraunhofer Boundary Engineering and Biotechnology Institute, shared details of the sewage and sludge treatment technology. Members of the delegation carried out effective interaction with the three experts on the relevant technical details, having clarified the breakthrough point of cooperation between the two sides.


Mr. Kurt Rohrig shares information on smart micro grid technology


Mr. Steffen Preissler shares details on market programs for clean technology


Ms. Ursula Schliessmann shares details of the sewage and sludge treatment technology


Field visit


After the meeting, the delegation visited the Leipzig Bio-City and took a group photo.