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Zhang Yi Meets With Hollywood Director Chris D. Nebe


On December 9, 2017, Zhang Yi, Chairman of EU-China Municipal Development Commission (ECMDC), met with Chris D. Nebe, President of Monarex Hollywood Corporation and Internationally acclaimed director (of works including Diaoyu Island-The Truth) and his team at the ECMDC’s liaison office in Beijing. The two sides shared ideas and discussed topics of common interests for cooperation between the two organizations and reached a specific intention for strengthening cooperation between them.

Meeting in process

    Since his first visit to China in 1995, Chris D. Nebe has traveled to many places in China in the past over 20 years. Keeping records of China from a unique perspective, he has shot nearly 20 documentaries about China. Diaoyu Island-The Truth is one of the "Mysterious China" series directed by him, to show the mysterious and beautiful China, introducing the long history, profound culture and important role of China to the western world through documentaries. His other works such as "Real Tibet", "Marco Polo - Shangri-La" and "Marco Polo - Silk Road" have been adapted into books in several languages and distributed around the world.


    As a descendant of the German aristocrat Bismarck family, Mr. Nebe, although silver haired, had quick thinking and expressed satisfaction of the fruitful meeting and confidence in cooperation in future projects. The two parties agree to sign an agreement in a near future. Chairman Zhang Yi expressed heartfelt thanks to Nebe’s for his visit and appreciation of Nebe’s China complex, highly recognized the objective and fair attitude in his documentaries, and hoped to work with him to study “Tao Te Ching” by “Lao Tzu” on day, and looked forward to implementation of cooperation projects as soon as poss