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Zhang Yi Meets Dato' Sri Professor Wu Darong


  On December 13, Zhang Yi, Chairman of EU-China Municipal Development Commission (ECMDC), met with Dato' Sri Professor Wu Darong, founder of the World Trade United Foundation (WTUF) and member of the Steering Committee of the UN Global Science-Policy-Business Forum on the Environment at ECMDC’s liaison office in Beijing. The two sides share ideas and discussed cooperation in film and television industry. As authorized by the Board of Directors and the Council of the World Film Association based on Los Angeles, Dato' Sri Professor Wu Darong was appointed Honorary Chairman of the World Film Association Asia Pacific. The two sides also signed a letter of intent on strategic cooperation. Ms. Ingrid Jiang, Chairwoman of EU China Municipal Development Project Management Co., Ltd., Dato' Sri Wu Cixin, Chairman of the Central Council of WTUF, Dr. Ye Yisheng, Chairman of WTUF (Asia Pacific), Dr. Liang Zhonghua, Vice Chairman of WTUF (Asia Pacific), Mr. Zhao Jianzheng of WTUF Beijing, and Mr. Tang Ming, Deputy director of WTUF Beijing, Ms. Zhang Xinqi, Secretary-General for Global Affairs of WTUF, Ms. Yang Lei, Ambassador of World Cup of Pool also attended the meeting

Chairman Zhang Yi grants certificate of appointment to Dato' Sri Professor Wu Darong

    WTUF, founded in 2001 in Hong Kong, upholds the ideas of "freedom and equality, flexible innovation, development and win-win cooperation" and has been engaged in helping vulnerable groups, providing charity condolences, protecting vagrant animals, promoting folk cultural exchange, economic and trade cooperation development, and holding large-scale public interest activities in Hong Kong and the United States, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and territories in last 16 years. WTUF has also made great contributions to the promotion of culture and cooperation between Hong Kong and Mainland China and other countries of the world. Hong Kong films have been the pioneer of Chinese films, and Hong Kong is one of major film production bases in China and even East Asian. For several decades, Hong Kong has been one of China’s key film industry bases and exporters. It is known as the "Hollywood of the East".


    As the first chairman of the Council of World Film Association from China, Zhang Yi expressed heartfelt congratulations to Dato' Sri Professor Wu Darong for his appointment as Honorary Chairman of the World Film Association Asia Pacific and expressed his hope that more outstanding Chinese could be involved in all kinds of the association’s work and cherish this opportunity for connecting Chinese films and culture to the world. Chairman Zhang Yi also briefed the guests on the selection of winners at the twenty-first "Family Film Awards" ceremony held by World Film Association at Beverly Hills Lady Club in Los Angeles, the United States on December 11.

The parties signs a letter of intent for strategic cooperation

    Dato' Sri Professor Wu Darong expressed heartfelt thanks to the World Film Association for recognition and expressed appreciation of the international organization’s purpose and principle of awards granting. He believes that the prosperity of a nation and its people must be supported by prosperity of their culture. The Chinese Dream would be in vain without the inheritance and development of civilization, without the development and prosperity of culture. According to the report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, "culture is the soul of the nation and its people. The nation is prosperous when its culture is prosperous; and the people are strong, when their culture is strong.” “There would be no rejuvenation of the Chinese people without strong confidence in their culture, without the prosperity of their culture."

    During the meeting, the two sides also discussed cooperation projects between the World Film Association Asia Pacific and relevant domestic institutions, including how to integrate quality film resources in the US and Europe, focus on the needs for cultural exchange under the "The Belt and Road" initiative, any create a world film cooperation platform based on cooperation and exchange of films, training, international film market development and so on by jointly setting up a world film industry innovation center across platforms and fields and covering the entire industry-chain. At the same time, they will work together with domestic institutions to introduce the internationally influential Family Film Awards and the Olympia Awards to China, and provide more windows for exchange and cooperation opportunities for the Chinese film community and its world counterparts.


    Chairman Zhang Yi and Dato' Sri Professor Wu Darong expressed expectations for future cooperation. They believe that along with China’s accelerating pace of reform and opening up, the growing of international influence of China, Hollywood films are also incorporating "Chinese elements ". Along with in-depth understanding and cooperation between the two sides, their respective advantageous resources will be continuously integrated, to surely promote the internationalization of China's film and TV culture industry.


The two sides share ideas in a pleasant atmosphere


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